Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maren and Grant's 2 year Anniversary!

This last Saturday Ed and I headed up to Eden to do an Anniversary shoot with Maren and Grant. It was kind of rainy, so we were really happy that the sky cleared as the day went on. It ended up being so beautiful outside and Eden really is a mini paradise in the greenest, most beautiful valley. After taking a few family shots of Maren's family we headed out. It was so much fun. Honestly it felt like the four of us were just hanging out and having a good time- because we were!

I shot Maren and Grants Wedding 2 years ago. Although we have kept in touch since (Maren and I are kindred spirits), it was fun to reminisce about their wedding day with them.

After we finished with this ridiculously beautiful couple, Maren and Grant decided to have a go on the other side of the camera.

They told me to tell them after wards who had the better pictures. Grant vs. Maren. Honestly I can't decide. They both did a superb job, despite having to deal with their ridiculous subject.

I am including some bloopers. These prove I don't belong in front of the camera.

My eye loves Ed.

I know my place.


Hannabeth said...

First of all, you are BEAUTIFUL in front of the camera. It's fantastic. Secondly, I love that you went up to Eden. That's where my aunt and uncle live and I go up all the time. I love that it feels like an escape from all the noise and commotion of daily life. :)

Jaron & Abby said...

hahaha! you and ed are such dorks! Funny if those really were engagement shots. Although I know in Amy's head she would love them and probably would want something like that because you would enjoy the bloopers more then the real picture. That is why I love you Amol! :)

Lawsy said...

Ohmygoodness. I love your blog. So positive and life-loving and I cannot get enough of that! And you are absolutely beautiful.

Maren said...


(really, what else is there to say?)

Maren said...


doesn't this look like the cutest little shoot ever? the guy kinda looks like ed too..