Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If you say it, then say it out loud.

Cliff notes version of my life the past month.

1. Walden: I teach at the greatest hippie school ever.
2. I really believe in the learning atmosphere it strives for and succeeds at creating.
3. My kids have no idea how much I love them.
4. This week Walden has been at BYU's Timp Lodge on a retreat.
5. The drive is absolutely enchanting right now with the leaves changing.
6. I can't wait to do it again in the morning, and then stay the night having girl talk with my high school kids.
7. I study (GRE).
8. I visit sociology professors.
9. I have read, a lot. (Anthem, The Mastery of Love, The Alchemist again, Scriptures like crazy, Gossamer, Sociology essentials)
10. I went to the state fair and held a lemer. Joy filled my soul.
11. I love where I live. Its just Mel and I.
12. I have my own room and bathroom.
13. I found a 400.00 ticket to Germany.
14. In the past week I had a kid guess I was 19 and another guess I was 30.
15. I had a class to remember last week with my photo students. Kids are so much smarter and insightful then we give them credit for.
16. Melodie makes me good food.
17. I hiked Timp- got three hours into it and threw up. Note to self: don't do a big hike at 2:00 am when you fasted all day. I don't care how pretty sunrise will be.
18. We had a great party for Ash at our house a couple of weeks ago. It was a blast.
19. Melodie and I bought a stamp collection at DI.
20. I spend a lot of time at Teri's, on her deck, talking about life, or dancing.


afton said...

can i have your life?

(germany? when?? why??)

Maren said...

Call me!

Anonymous said...

Germany??? Whas up with that?